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Actress Srishti Jain: Fashion is a comfort to me!

Actor Srishti Jain, who is known for her show Hamari Wali Good News, is a fashionista and has an incredible sense of style. The actor says that for her, nothing is more important than being comfortable in the clothes she wears. “Fashion, to me, is comfort. I feel like when one is comfortable in what one is wearing, one can carry it off well and that’s what really matters. I have honestly never been one to jump on all fashion trends. I pick up the ones I like. I have my own sense of style and I do love experimenting but again at my own pace and will. Track pants and sweats are my comfort clothes,” she says.

 However, she has no qualms in taking up a character with a contrasting fashion sense. “I’m an actor, and whatever character I play I need to make sure I get into the skin of the character. It doesn’t matter if the fashion sense doesn’t match mine. I have just one rule, I’m not okay with revealing too much on screen,” she says.

 Of course, off screen, Srishti switches back to her style. “Times have changed and people know us through our social media now. So, they know our personal sense of style too. I think they know the difference and don’t expect us to be dressed as the character outside work,” she says.

Ask her what she will wear to a date night, and she says, “While that highly depends on the place that we’re visiting. but assuming it’s a nice candlelight dinner, a well fitted crop top and a pair of parallel pants, some statement jewellery and dewy makeup should be perfect!”

 And what about accessories? “I love accessories and I think all of them are necessary! I love how we have so many ways to accessorise ourselves,” she says.

Srishti feels that people overdo a lot of stuff when it comes to following trends. “I’ve seen people splurge money on trends and not know that it doesn’t suit their body type. It’s essential to know what looks good on your body type and pick clothes accordingly. Well, bell bottoms are back this year and I couldn’t be happier because I absolutely love the cut! I’ve also heard wider and looser cut clothes will trend this year and that is so my thing! That’s what you’ve got to watch out for in 2021!” she says.

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