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Aniruddh Daves Opens Up About His Covid-19 Battle, Says, ‘My Body Had Given Up

Aniruddh Dave had been diagnosed with the covid-19 and was treated for 55 days in Bhopal hospital in April. The actor won his battle against the deadly virus and was discharged.

Recently the actor shared about his battle with covid-19. He said, “To see patients who are suffering, severe cases with various infections, hearing them howling in pain was quite tough, to say the least. Himmat rakhna mushkil tha. It was a painful time and one couldn’t shut them out either as everyone was in one room in the ICU. After I shifted to a private room, the hustle-bustle of the hospital and watching emergency situations being dealt with was something I can never forget. Staying positive was not easy,”

Aniruddh revealed that his family, friends, doctors and nursing staff. He says, “Karma does matter as if I have helped anyone in life or done any good, this is what I have earned. I feel maine yeh good wishes and love kamaya hai life mein. They helped in keeping up my strength and positive energy. I wouldn’t be able to talk to people as I had an oxygen mask, so I would talk in sign language over video calls or text a bit. Even now, talking about all of it is making me so emotional,”

He further shared,“She didn’t understand what to do. I didn’t know at that time, but I couldn’t recognise her. My body and mind had given up. I didn’t know agar aankh bandh karunga toh khulegi ke nahin. For 45 days, meri saans meri nahin thi, I was on oxygen support. When I recovered a bit, I would tell friends that I want to breathe on my own. I believe that maan lo toh haar hai, thaan lo toh jeet,”

Aniruddha had tested positive when he was shooting for a web series. The had to leave his wife Shubhi Ahuja and his two month old son, Anishq at home.

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