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Badshah Takes A Shot At Nora Fatehi, Calling Her Hook Steps ‘Pocha Maarna’ on Dance Deewane Juniors

Nora Fatehi dares Badshah to dance the hook steps of her songs on the upcoming episode of Dance Deewane Juniors after he labelled it ‘Pocha Maarna.’

The most popular reality programme on television is Dance Deewane Juniors, which is judged by Neetu Kapoor, Nora Fatehi, and Marzi Pestonji. Since its debut, the dance-based performance has been generating headlines. Badshah, a rapper and singer, will appear in the most recent episode, bringing the entertainment factor to a new level. The producers have published many previews for the show, which have already piqued the interest of viewers and fans.

Badshah will surely provide a heavy dose of comedy and pleasure, from demonstrating his rapping abilities to presenting breathtaking performances to pulling Nora’s leg.

Badshah pokes fun of Norah Jones’ hook steps from her hit songs in a new video. He says to her, “mera manana hai ke zameen par leit ke pocha lagaane ko hook steps nahi keh sakte”. “Bhagwan aisa kisi dushman ko bhi na sunene ko mile,” Marzi Pestonji says, joining him in pulling Nora’s leg. Badshah is then challenged by Nora Fatehi to do the hook moves to her songs. And he accepts, and Marzi follows suit. Nora Fatehi starts with ‘Kusu Kusu’ and then moves on to ‘Saki Saki,’ and both Badshah and Marzi struggle to follow Nora’s steps and fail the task totally.
Badshah then expresses his desire to return home.

Marzi and Badshah finish the promo by executing the hook dance from Nora’s song “Hai Garmi.”

Sharing this exciting promo on Instagram, the Colors wrote, “Nora ke iss mazedaar challenge mein denge Marzi aur Badshah unka saath Who did it better? Tell us in the comments.”

On a related topic, on April 23, 2022, ‘Dance Deewane Juniors Dance’ aired, showcasing youngsters’ dance skills in solo, pair, triad, or groups of 4-14 years.

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