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BF Adil Khan Gifted A Luxurious Dubai Home, Which Rakhi Sawant Shows Off; A Netizen Calls It “Boyfriend Ke Paise Pe Aish Kar”

Adil, the lover of Rakhi Sawant, gives her a lavish condominium in Dubai.

Due to her romantic life, controversy queen Rakhi Sawant has recently been taking centre stage. She is frequently seen with businessman Adil Khan, whom she is seeing right now. Notably, Adil clearly enjoys spoiling his sweetheart because he has been buying pricey presents every Rakhi. He just gave her a lavish and opulent condominium in Dubai. It’s true what you just read! She conducted a tour of her stunning new house, which Sawant has just moved into. The internet is ablaze with discussion on the plus house tour video.

Rakhi is shown showing off her spacious and gorgeous apartment to her followers in a popular video. The actress displayed the lovely interiors of her home, including the cooking area, living room, and bedroom. The furniture in her bedroom is blue with beige and earthy tones throughout. Additionally, there are items in gold that provide a regal feel. Earthy tones are used to design the large living area. Sawant may be seen speaking to the camera while sitting on her bed in the video. She also made light of the fact that she had a 7-year debt after buying the house.

Soon after the video went viral, several online users poked fun of Rakhi and said she was living a life of luxury because to her wealthy lover. One trolling user wrote,

Not to mention, Adil had given Rakhi a luxurious BMW X1. The Bigg Boss contestant praised him and tweeted a video of herself driving a BMW, thanking Adil Khan for the wonderful surprise.

Adil and Rakhi, meanwhile, arrived back in Mumbai from Dubai yesterday.

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