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Bigg Boss 14: Jasmin Bhasin urges fans to give Aly the best birthday gift ever

Bigg Boss 14 finale is just a few days away and the countdown has started. One of the biggest contenders for the trophy is definitely Aly Goni. And the lady luck of Aly – Jasmin Bhasin is leaving no stone unturned to see her bestie lift the trophy. In one of her live sessions with her fans on social media, Jasmin has requested them to vote for Aly Goni. She said, ”Let’s create history as no wildcard entrant has ever won the Bigg Boss title. If Aly lifts the trophy that would mean I have won the trophy too.

His birthday (25th February) is also coming up so let us give Aly the best birthday gift ever. Make him a winner and he will always remember his birthday for the rest of his life. He became a wild card contestant for me only.” Jasmin also went on to answer many questions asked by her fans. On asking what Jasmin likes the most about Aly’s features, she says, “I love Aly’s eyes; it has all the honesty he stands for. I am very proud of him – the way he is playing in the house it is definitely winning hearts.” 
At the end Jasmin also adds, “I would also request our fans to stop fighting with each other. We’re in this journey together.”

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