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Bigg Boss 15: Rakhi Sawant creates a scene as Rashami Desai calls her ‘cheap’

There’s not a single boring day in the Bigg Boss 15 house. The controversies, the drama, the fights – every episode is loaded with entertainment.  Usually, the spice in the Salman Khan-hosted show keeps the audience hooked. It is one of the major reasons why even after 15 seasons, people still love Bigg Boss.

Bigg Boss 15: Rashami Desai and Rakhi Sawant get into an argument during  Ticket To Finale task | PINKVILLA

Recently, things took an unexpected turn as Abhijit Bichukale and Devoleena Bhattacharjee got eliminated from the show. In the 25th January episode, an interesting fight arose between Rashami Desai and Rakhi Sawant.  It started when Rashami referred to Rakhi’s entertainment tactics as cheap. As anticipated, Rakhi did not take it well.

Immediately after the exit of the RJs, Rakhi has a fit.  She starts wailing that she should be thrown out of the house as her performance and entertainment is cheap. She gets emotional and says that even though she is not educated, she still tries to entertain people. Rashami screams back at her saying that no one is questioning that.

While Rakhi continues to yell, Rashami repeatedly asks ‘Sawaal Kaun utha raha hai?’ Rakhi, still in her own world, screams hysterically ‘because I love Bigg Boss’. Things take an interesting turn as Rashami tells her to stop overdoing it to which Rakhi replies, ‘tu over karti hai chugalkhor’.

Bigg Boss 15 Rashami Desai Entered The House With A Reward Of 50 Lakhs Rakhi  Sawant Shocks The Housmates Ps

Rakhi calls Rashami a betrayer in Bigg Boss 15

Subsequently, Rakhi calls Rashami a betrayer repeatedly and says that she is making bridges between people.  Rashami clarifies what does she mean and to this Rakhi replies, ‘Mera kaam nahi hai chugli karna!’ As the fight continues, it reaches its climax when Rakhi says that Rashami should be disgusted by her own face and imitates to spit. Later, Rakhi once again demeans Rashami saying that it is beneath her to even fight with Rashami. Rashami coolly replies, ‘toh jaa tu.’ 

Other members surrounding them try to pacify both of them. Tejasswi also adds that she doesn’t like Rashami talking about her relationship with Karan. Karan tries to calm Rashami by saying that Rakhi is angry right now. Rashami screams that just because Rakhi is angry, it doesn’t mean that she has the right to say anything to her. Tejasswi adds both the parties have said a lot. As commotion unfolds, Rashami finally storms off and calls Rakhi ‘bewakoof’ on her way out.  Rakhi continues to retort in her own way.

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