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‘Cash’ is a refreshing take on a serious event that had deep repercussions on the economy.

Cash is a Bollywood comedy-drama directed by Rishab Seth and produced by Vishesh Bhatt. Amol Parashar and Smriti Kalra play key parts in the film.

Armaan Gulati, played by Amol Parashar, has the energy, personality, and attitude of a street-smart entrepreneur, yet he is struggling. He finally gets a chance to launder people’s money amid demonetisation, thanks to his track record of putting firms into the ground alongside his pal Soda.


Armaan Gulati aspires to be India’s self-made Elon Musk, and he’s never short of brilliant ideas and business plans, but he’s out of luck. Demonetisation appears as a blessing in disguise after driving three start-ups into the ground, however, fate has other ideas for this optimistic entrepreneur.

Armaan witnesses his links bail out on him, as well as he finds himself inside a police lock-up alongside his uncle, fiancée, as well as a best friend after a local politician’s wealth gets trapped in a gun-making start-up. However, even during this roller-coaster journey, he has several other ideas.

The movie is a hilarious adventure that will appeal to all comedy aficionados. The laughter is guaranteed by Armaan’s efforts to salvage the day for himself. Although ‘Cash’ is a celebration of ‘jugaad,’ the lesson it conveys is that money does not come easily and must be earned.

Rishab Seth makes his directorial debut with the feature, which is produced by Vishesh Bhatt, and he does an outstanding job of rolling out using a fast-paced movie without losing his hold on the storyline. He’s a novice director to keep an eye on.

Rating: ☆☆☆☆

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