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Kangana Ranaut Opens Up About Sexual Exploitation in the Film Industry

Lock Upp, Kangana Ranaut’s reality programme, has become quite famous. The programme will shortly come to an end. Kangana Ranaut requested the nominated candidates to disclose their secrets on the latest and last judgement night. Saisha Shinde, a competitor on Lock Upp, revealed one of her deepest secrets. She spoke up about her affair with a well-known fashion designer. Queen Kangana Ranaut warned Saisha that sexual exploitation is the industry’s kaala sach as soon as she revealed her secret.

According to India.com, Kangana said, “I think the sexual exploitation of young people is so common, especially in the film industry, in the fashion industry. No matter how much we defend the industry, it’s the truth…While it gives so many opportunities, it also shatters many dreams and leaves people permanently scarred. Yeh kaala sach hai.”

Kangana Ranaut also discussed the #MeToo movement on the show. She said, “Even when MeToo happened here, what happened to that? Nothing. Wo ladkiyan jo bahar aayi thi, gayab hain, sabki sab gayab hain from the face of this planet. Aur jinko maine support kiya tha, I was banned from the industry, and ladkiyan gayab hain.”

Saisha’s hidden disclosure was that she had an affair with a well-known fashion designer back in 2004-2005, when she was just starting out in her profession. Saisha explained that it all began when he invited her to his hotel room for a conversation, during which he told her a sad/lonely narrative about himself, and the two ended up having intercourse. Saisha later discovered that the designer had utilised at least 7-8 lads with the same trap. Furthermore, as the rumours began to spread, she took the brunt of it and was barred from the fashion business.

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