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Krushna Abhishek Speaks Out Regarding Rumors Of An Estranged Relationship With Kapil Sharma on The Kapil Sharma Show

After leaving “The Kapil Sharma Show,” Krushna Abhishek was reportedly involved in a dispute with Kapil Sharma.

One of the most popular comedic programmes, not just in India but all across the world, is The Kapil Sharma Show. The programme will return with a new season starting on September 10, 2022, on Sony TV. The previous seasons did not feature Krishna Abhishek, who would not appear in the next one.

There have been rumours that Krushna and Kapil Sharma had a falling out and were not speaking after Krushna left the programme.

On the day of Ganesh Chaturthi, Krushna Abhishek and his wife Kashmira Shah went out to welcome Bappa home. When they were recently photographed together, the paparazzi questioned him about how much he would miss the show and whether the audience would also miss him.

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