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Nisha Rawal is unaffected by the ongoing controversy with her ex-husband and hopes that the truth will prevail; she is focused on her son Kavish

According to a source close to Nisha Rawal, she has opted to keep a dignified quiet in the wake of her ex-adultery husband’s charges!

Nisha Rawal, who recently appeared on the reality programme Lock Upp, has been in the news because of her continuing legal struggle with her ex-husband Karan Mehra. Despite her ex-numerous husband’s charges, Nisha Rawal has opted to keep a dignified quiet in the hopes that the truth will triumph. According to a source close to the actress, she seems unmoved by Karan’s charges and has maintained her cool.

Nisha Rawal is presently concentrating on giving her son Kavish the greatest life possible and a joyful environment, and she strives to be a better parent every day. According to a person close to Nisha Rawal, “There have been put many allegations on her [Nisha] but she has decided to remain silent about it because she believes that the truth will prevail. She has kept herself calm and is focusing on providing an ideal childhood to her son Kavish and strives to be a better parent every day. She takes care of Kavish, takes care of her house, manages her business and she’s doing it all with utmost grace.” 

Karan Mehra revealed a surprising discovery about Nisha Rawal in an interview, accusing her of having an extramarital affair. He said that Nisha had been living with another guy in his home for the previous 11 months.

Nisha Rawal filed a domestic abuse case against Karan and his family at the Goregaon Police Station in Mumbai last year. “Given the fact that when you are a public figure with an ongoing case against the same person who you spent half your life with and is now trying to bring you down by going to different publications and spreading rumours by misconstruction the inside-details of the legal proceedings. It is easy to speak out but it requires immense resilience to remain unperturbed and put up a brave front. She does not want to cause any damage to the other person since his profession depends on his public image. The only time she has spoken was on the day of the incident, after that she has always politely refrained from talking directly.”

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