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The conflict between Urfi Javed and Chahatt Khanna gets heated up

Chahatt Khanna and Urfi Javed got into a heated argument when the latter criticized the social media phenomenon for her clothing choices and labeled them as “cheap PR.”

Urfi Javed and Chahatt Khanna’s argument has already started, and it looks to be intensifying. The bitter argument recently broke out after Bigg Boss OTT fame made a crude remark about Chahatt being a twice-divorced woman.

It did not, however, stop there! Urfi was attacked by the Bade Achche Lagte Hain star, who said that she wasn’t fit to be a mother or a wife and criticized her for dressing semi-naked.

The latter responded to Chahatt Khanna in a suitable manner by stressing her remark regarding semi-naked photos and releasing a few images of Chahatt sporting bikinis. Well, the continual jabs at one another persisted.

Notably, Urfi even changed her Instagram profile picture to Chahatt Khanna’s image to support her argument. She attacked Chahatt in the video, claiming that she has no interest in being anyone’s wife or mother and that she is not here for either role.

Well, it appeared that the struggle would not finish very soon.

When Chahatt Khanna’s name first came up in the case of con artist Sukesh Chandrashekhar, Urfi made fun of her, calling her a “money digger” who frequents Tihar jail and accepts presents from inmates.

And outlined how the media has demonstrated that Urfi is the annoying person who dons odd clothing and pays the media. She wrote, “I said sorry for speaking about your divorces. Why will I apologize for you going to jail to take money and gifts from random men? Stop embarrassing yourself.”

In one of her films, Urfi Javed even questioned Chahatt on the benefits of being a wife and mother.

For the uninitiated, Urfi and Chahatt’s severe altercation began after Chahatt criticized Urfi for spreading nudity and dressing strangely during their contact. Although Urfi had retaliated against her for being a twice-divorced woman, she subsequently apologized for the same after realizing she shouldn’t have taken things so personally.

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