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‘Bigg Boss 14’: In Weekend Ka Vaar, Salman Khan Schools Rahul Vaidya And Aly Goni For Concerning Rakhi Sawant During The Task

In the upcoming episode of ‘Bigg Boss 14’, We will Salman Khan bashing out Aly, Jasmon, and Rahul. Salman Khan asks questions concerning Rakhi in tonight’s episode during the task for the ticket to the finale. Aly had a reason that they were taken aback by looking at the amount. Salman tells them that Rakhi had a right to go first as much as they had their own right. He tells them that Rakhi might win the show. Rahul lashes out at Rakhi for playing a victim card and continuously proclaiming that she knows she is not going to win the show. Rahul asks, “Itne hafton se to bol rahi hai, mujhe pata hai main to nahi jeetne wali to abhi sir jab bol rahe hai to kyun maan rahi hai unki baat? (You were the one who constantly said that she knows she won’t win the show. So, how can you flip when Salman sir said this thing?)” Rahul is furious because that makes them look bad in front of Salman.

Rakhi asks him why he is shouting at her. Salman asks him that why is he getting angry. He says that with one voice he is giving the message that he has won the show and the money was deducted from his prize amount. Rahul declines Salman’s statement and says that’s not the case. Rakhi gets emotional.

Salman Khan starts schooling Aly Goni for lashing out at Jasmin Bhasin. Salman says that he has staunch support in Jasmin for him. She is showing him the right path without even caring about her reputation. He states Aly’s words when he stopped Jasmin from arguing with Rakhi in the cheque and depositing task. Salman Khan says that he was thinking Jasmin is wrong all this time. Aly states his views that he cannot handle it when someone says anything wrong to Jasmin. He says he cannot keep himself calm. Salman Khan calls him rude.

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