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Jaan Kumar Sanu opens up about his Weight Loss Journey

Singer and Bigg Boss 14 contestant Jaan Kumar Sanu recently opened up on his terrific weight loss journey. Kumar Sanu’s son Jaan has undergone an extreme physical makeover, leaving people on social media impressed. In the recent photos shared by the singer on his Instagram story, he is displaying his toned physique. The singer stated that he tried to manifest his energies in losing weight after he stepped out of Bigg Boss 14.

Jaan was inside the house for around two months during which he had lost 14 kilos. The weight loss during Bigg Boss 14 was unhealthy as Jaan Kumar adopted to bad eating habits. Jaan said that one has to survive on a limited ration inside the Bigg Boss house.  Due to this reason he had developed a habit of not eating much. He said, “Post coming out of Bigg Boss 14, I saw a few initial episodes of mine, I didn’t look that great onscreen. I was looking very fat in fact. The problem is the 14 days quarantine that we were in before entering the Bigg Boss house, I ate a lot that time and the chef at the hotel was a Bengali. He just kept feeding me food”. 

Jaan, who has lost 22 Kilos revealed  that  he received encouragement from his fellow housemates.  He informed that it was Eijaz Khan who motivated him to exercise regularly. Sidharth Shukla had once told Jaan that if he wanted to take out his frustration, he should hit the gym regularly.  Jaan is a Sidharth Shukla fan, hence he took Sidharth’s advice seriously. Jaan also credited Rubina Dilaik for sticking to vitamins and immunity-building food in his diet during the second lockdown.

Jaan said that in these tough times, he is trying his level best to keep himself engaged. The singer shared that he has been working out and pursuing music.  The singer is creating new things and is trying to become used to this life. He wishes that the present situation is not for long.

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