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‘Bigg Boss 14’: Will Nikki Tamboli Accept The Offer Of Rs 6 Lakh And The Leave The Show?

In the last episode, there were no fights or drama in the house. The housemate were all enjoying their last moment, besides that the romantic moments of Abhinav Shukla and Rubina Dilaik. In the coming episode, we will see more adorable moments of the couples followed by Bigg Boss giving a chance to fulfill each and every housemate a wish but for that they need to exchange some special and important stuffs to each other. Rahul needs to tear Disha’s scarf if he wants Nikki to meet her parents on a call. Rakhi Swant needs to tear Ritesh’s letter to fulfill someone else’s wish. Bigg Boss also offers Nikki Tamboli Rs 6 lakh to leave the show.

Disha Parmar also told E times, “I am wishing and hoping that Rahul wins Bigg Boss 14 and comes home with the trophy, and remaining everything else we will discuss later.” She was asked if ‘everything else’ meant her wedding. Disha said, “I meant everything else besides that.” When questioned if 2021 was the year that Rahul and she are indeed becoming man and wife. Disha Parmar asserted, “Look, I will speak on this when I am ready. I shall talk when the time comes. I will say a lot about it then.”

“We believe in genuineness and Disha is very genuine. Whenever I have met Disha in the past also I have always found her very real. I feel it is the most important thing in any human being. There are many other good things about her like she is a very good-looking girl, she’s an actress. But the most important things that I look in a person especially who will be a part of Rahul’s life is genuineness and Disha is that.”

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