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Jasmin Bhasin back in the Bigg Boss house with a bang!

After an emotional goodbye, Jasmin left the Bigg Boss house on 10th January after spending 100 days inside. Her fans missed seeing her on the show for some time but there’s good news for them; Jasmin Bhasin is back in the Bigg Boss house. Of course, Jasmin being the queen she is, couldn’t come back normally: she came back with a bang. She, along with some other ex-contestants, sat in a separate room and watched the Weekend Ka Vaar. Jasmin made some witty comments on everything being discussed including the whole situation between Abhinav Shukla and Rakhi Sawant. She said, “While I agree that what Rakhi is doing is wrong, I think Abhinav should have told her to back off a long time ago. He should’ve drawn the line the moment Rakhi came to him only wearing the blouse and petticoat.

But he didn’t. If I was in his situation, if a boy on the show told me that he was going to do some playful flirting for the show, I would be fine with it as long as it stayed as playful flirting. If he came up to me only wearing boxers and asked me to help him wear his dhoti, I would draw the line there itself. I haven’t even let a boy sit on my bed in the Bigg Boss house. Just like that, Abhinav should’ve stopped Rakhi there. I’m telling you Rubina and Abhinav are very cunning and intelligent.”  When Salman called her to the stage, she entered the stage dancing to the famous song Chunari Chunari. She looked gorgeous with a black saree and elegant hairdo. Salman Khan was emotional when Jasmin was evicted but smiled even more than that now that she’s back. He said, “Jasmin Bhasin is Haseen”. We have never seen him look so happy.  Along with the entertainment that comes with Jasmin, fans are also waiting to see the reunion of Aly and Jasmin.

Now that Jasmin has been outside, she has a seen the audience’s perspective as well. As we saw in the teaser when Jasmin saw the contestants, one of the first things she said was, “Rahul, after seeing you from outside, I regret not making you my priority. You should have been my priority.” It will be interesting to see how she will guide Aly through the show. 

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