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Payal Rohatgi and Anjali Arora join forces for the ‘Ticket To Finale’ task

The show is presented by Kangana Ranaut. Day by day, Lock Upp becomes more intriguing. The drama and entertainment value of the programme are both strong. Whether it’s fights, eliminations, or friendships, it’s seen a lot of action in the last few days. It’s the final month, and the participants are doing everything they can to make it to the grand finale.

The day began with a challenge (Ticket To Finale), which separated the entire house into two teams. There were boards on which the kaidis had to create a domino line, which had to fall in such a way that it rang the bell at the end of the plank.

Payal Rohatgi, Shivam Sharma, and Azma Fallah are part of one group. Prince Narula, Munawar Faruqui, Ali Merchant, Saisha Shinde, Anjali Arora, and Poonam Pandey make up the second group.

Anjali had already made a deal with Payal to have Shivam Sharma removed from the final race. Payal then walked around and approached Munawar, asking if he would be willing to donate his bricks in exchange for the removal of Anjali. Munawar began sobbing because of Ali’s betrayal by keeping his boards on Azma Fallah’s planks. Azma was eliminated from the race when Prince gave her his golden brick and Shivam and Ali placed their bricks for her.

The game was delayed since Prince wasn’t ready to surrender the kaidis his golden title, so the kaidis had the entire night to persuade him or take it from him.

As a challenger, Prince Narula entered the competition. He’s only been in the spotlight for a few days, but he’s already made news for a variety of reasons, including his battle with Azma. Payal and Anjali, on the other hand, are two of the most talked-about participants on the competition.

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