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Who should lift the ‘Bigg Boss 14’ trophy? Celebs share their opinion

“Bigg Boss” is undoubtedly the most-watched reality show on television, and the audience and fans have been rooting for their favourite contestant since day one. With the finale just a few days away, while the fans are trending their favourite housemate, there is a lot of curiosity about who will lift the trophy this year. So we spoke to a few celebrities, and here’s who they think should be declared as the winner of season 14.

Farnaz Shetty:  I have been supporting Rahul Vaidya since the show went on-air. He is the most sensible guy and loyal towards his relationships. He gives his best in the task and this show is about people’s personality and I feel he has never faked it. So I feel he deserves to win. 

Khatija Iqbal: I want Aly Goni to win this season of ‘Bigg Boss’. I agree that he entered the show a little late, as a wildcard entry, but he has given his best in everything. Also, he speaks his mind and is not afraid of showing his emotions. 

Hrishikesh Pandey: This year I have not been able to watch ‘Bigg Boss’ much, but I have watched the promos and kept a tab on a few people. From what I have seen I feel Rahul Vaidya has been playing well. He sticks to what he says and maintains his class and dignity. He doesn’t cross his line, because most of them behave very cheaply. I feel that we have to be responsible because it’s a public platform and you shouldn’t be crossing your limits. So according to me, Rahul should win the show because he speaks, takes a stand, and has maintained himself throughout the season.

Pallavi Rao: I am a big fan of ‘Bigg Boss’. Everyone in my family and even my friends know about this. I have watched all the seasons, and I feel Rahul Vaidya should win this season. He is very real and clear with his thoughts. He is someone who can get angry and emotional too, and is not afraid in showing it. He has made mistakes and has learned from them because it’s not easy to stay in that house for so long. I think Rahul has grown as a person in the house. He fights, his one liners are epic, he maintains his dignity, and he always stands for the truth. So I feel Rahul should win the show. 

Aanushka Ramesh: I have loved Aly Goni’s game in the show. He has kept the entertainment quotient high in the show since his entry, and I feel he brought a lot of positivity in the house as well. He has maintained a cordial relationship with everyone, and even after a fight, he tries to sort it out with the other person. That’s a very rare thing to see. He has made some real connections in the show, and he always supports them without thinking of his own game. So I feel Aly should win the show. 

Nivedita Basu: My friend Eijaz Khan had entered the show this season, and I have been supporting him throughout. I know that he is not present in the show now, and his proxy Devoleena Bhattacharjee is playing on his behalf. But I would still like him to lift the trophy on the day of the finale.

Chandni Soni: I think Aly Goni should lift the season 14 trophy. He has been playing the game very strategically and consistently. His chemistry with Jasmin (Bhasin) came out very well and his camaraderie with Rahul Vaidya is also adorable.

Zaan Khan: In this season of ‘Bigg Boss’ my favourites are Rahul Vaidya and Rubina Dilaik, but if you talk about winning the show then I want Rubina to be the winner. I really like her, she is very confident, and very outspoken and well-spoken. She doesn’t talk unnecessarily, she talks on point. Also, I saw an episode where everyone was telling her that she is doing it for the footage, but I don’t think she needs to because she is already very famous. This is for Rubina, I think you are killing it, be the same as you are and win the show.

Shaukat Shaikh: 
I found this season of ‘Bigg Boss’ to be very boring initially but after Aly Goni’s entry it became quite interesting and he made it fun. So I want him to win to the show because he has been giving his best throughout and he is loyal to his friends, and even if he doesn’t have good terms with anyone he still tries to help them. These are some signs of a true winner and I would like him to see as the winner of BB14.

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