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Rahul Vaidya To make a big announcement regarding JasLy soon

Aly and Rahul Vaidya shared a very strong bond in the latest season of TV reality show Bigg Boss 14.  The duo seems to sustain their bonding; they were spotted with their respective girlfriends on a dinner date in Mumbai.  All four of them  Rahul Vaidya, Disha Parmar, Ali Goni and Jasmin Bhasin appeared to be really warm towards each other.  Aly Goni was observed giving a whole-hearted hug to singer Rahul Vaidya.

In a video shared by a paparazzi account, Rahul can be seen teasing that he will be making an announcement about the couple soon. This made people wonder that will Jasmin and Aly too follow Disha And Rahul and tie the knot soon. However, Aly and Jasmin shot down this possibility. Aly had assured that “Abhi lekin bahut time hai (There is still a lot of time).” It is being speculated that the two will be featuring in a new song and the announcement will be made by Rahul Vaidya on this.

The foursome exhibited spirits and spontaneously posed for the photographs.  Ali Gony was sporting a Champion sweatshirt and blue denim jeans. His outfit was paired with white sneakers. Jasmin was wearing a sky blue crop top and ripped flaring jeans. Rahul wore a dark blue sweatshirt while Disha wore a sheer dress that matched with Rahul’s outfit. The now-famous ensemble looked quite charming together and was feast for the paparazzi’s

The couples really seemed to have an enjoyable time during their dinner date at a popular eatery in Mumbai.  While they were The couples were spotted making their way into a popular eatery in the city for dinner. As they were covering up their chatter, Rahul Vaidya teased that he has a great announcement pertaining to Aly Goni and Jasmin. One of the present paparazzi hinted the possibility of a wedding announcement; he has also shared a video to this effect.  Jasmin Bhasin retorted “Shaadi hogi to aapko to pata chalega na “  Aly Goni’s rejoinder to Jasmin’s statement,  was “Abhi lekin bahut time hai”.

Jasmin clarified that it is not a wedding announcement, there are chances that the Bigg Boss 14 trio might be working together on new music video. Aly and Jasmin have already starred in a music video, Tera Suit, sung by Tony Kakkar.  They have a few more upcoming music videos which are scheduled to be released shortly. Rahul Vaidya informed that he is working on some very interesting songs at the moment but the singer is in no hurry to release them. He wants other Bigg Boss contestants to come out with their music videos and would like to follow with his song thereafter.

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