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Anupamaa, 11 January 2022: Anupama questions normalisation of domestic abuse

The ever-popular show Anupamaa continues to impress viewers. In today’s episode, Anupama sings a Lori for Malvika and puts her to sleep. Anuj asks about Malvika and Anupama says she’s asleep. Vanraj says they should be prepared for when Malvika wakes up and suggests Anupama rest.

Anupamaa Major Twists: Anuj gets angry on the Shahs; Vanraj-Kavya get into  a big fight and more drama to watch out for this week in your favourite TV  show

Anupamaa – Why domestic violence is considered normal in our society

Thereafter, Anupama asks how can a man torture his wife after promising to protect her.  She feels that due to this fact many women suffer silently. Due to this fact, society has normalized domestic abuse. Vanraj recalls his behavior towards her. Anupama says love affects a person very much. She asks why do men think only they are frustrated, whereas a woman also feels unfulfilled after finishing her household chores. Anuj says now in this era, controlling domestic violence is possible. 

Subsequently in Anupamaa, Pakhi video calls Anu and she apologizes for not making it to the party. The Shahs join and ask what happened. Bapuji asks if something serious has happened. Kavya wonders where is Vanraj and asks Anupama to tell him to return home. Bapuji scolds her and Baa says it’s fine as they can celebrate the new year later. Anupama thanks them and closes the video call. Vanraj returns home and listens to Kavya’s voice message informing him that she is going out and wishes him a peaceful new year. He hopes she never returns. 

Anupama - Disney+ Hotstar

Furthermore, in the serial Anupamaa Vanraj asks Baa and Bapuji to get ready for the new year party. Agreeing to this, Bapuji tells Vanraj that as per their information Kavya will return in 4 days. Later, Bapuji tells Baa that Kavya and Vanraj are growing apart. Malvika wakes up and recalls what happened before she fell asleep.  Malvika is not happy to recall that Anuj and Anupama got to know her truth. Anu comes and tells Malvika to come with her as something had happened to Anuj.

This episode of Anupamaa can be watched on the channel’s OTT platform Disney+hotstar.

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