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Anupamaa: Shah Family Plans Baa-Babuji’s 50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration

The upcoming track of Anupamaa consists of the preparations for Baa and Babuji’s 50th wedding anniversary. The entire Shah family is quite excited.  They have decided to make it a memorable affair for Baa and Babuji. In the upcoming episode, Anupamaa suggests to Vanraj that they should get Baa and Babuji married again.  Therefore, they should plan something very big and special.

Anupama Shah family will celebrate Samar Nandinis Haldi Ceremony as well as  the 50th wedding anniversary of Baa and Babuji see latest pics from the  sets - अनुपमा में होगी समर-नंदिनी की

Subsequently, preparations for the celebrations continue. Samar and Nandini take charge of dance performances.  Besides,  Pakhi is in charge of getting the bride and groom ready.

Kinjal and Paritosh are looking after catering and decoration. But Paritosh gets angry after Kinjal refuses to help him with decoration. She explains to him that she has to go to the office.  Therefore, she can look after only catering. But, Paritosh feels that Kinjal is taunting her for being unemployed. 

At that time, Kavya comes and sees them fight.  Kavya takes advantage of the situation and instigates Paritosh against his family. She tells Paritosh that she fails to understand why Kinjal wants to leave all luxuries for this family.

Anupamaa: Baa Babuji 50th wedding anniversary celebration photo shoot ahead

Later, Kavya gets angry that she was not included in the discussion for the anniversary celebration. She complains about the same to Vanraj, who gets annoyed and loses control. An angry Vanraj tells Kavya that if she has problems with it then he can celebrate it at Anupamaa’s home.  Alternately, he can leave with the entire family.  Also, Vanraj tells Kavya that she can’t stop him from celebrating his parents’ wedding anniversary.

Kavya Taunts Anupamaa

Meanwhile, Anupamaa is preparing mehndi for Baa. Kavya as usual interrupts her and gives her taunts. Anupamaa asks her to not create any drama during the celebration. Anupamaa reminds her that she has got the house in her name by betraying the whole family.  Instead, she should have tried to make a place in their hearts.

Furthermore,  Kavya taunts her about Anuj when Vanraj comes. How will Vanraj react to this? Will Kavya let the family enjoy the celebrations peacefully? To know what happens next, Let’s keep watching ‘Anupamaa’ on Disney+Hotstar.

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