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Anupamaa:Vanraj demands divorce from Kavya

In today’s episode of Anupamaa, Vanraj confronts Kavya for all her evil acts. Also, he tells her that insecurities have always destroyed good relationships. Kavya backfires and questions Vanraj about his friendship with Anupamaa. As per Kavya, Vanraj is maintaining relations with her even after their divorce.

Anupamaa: Vanraj tells Kavya he won't give divorce to Anupamaa - Times of  India

Furthermore, Vanraj blames Kavya for everything.  He tells Kavya that Anupamaa never tries to challenge his anger.  Instead, Anu always ignores things which makes Vanraj upset. Vanraj also adds that he wants to end his relationship with Kavya.  He tells Kavya that the constant drama in the house does not let him concentrate on his professional life.

Subsequently, Kavya requests Vanraj to stay with her.  She tells Vanraj that now she has already returned the house to Leela.  Kavya regrets her mistakes but Vanraj stays firm on his decision. He asks Kavya to sign the divorce papers.  Vanraj informs Kavya that he cannot live with her as their bond is completely destroyed.

Kavya blames Anupamaa for her divorce

Additionally, Kavya is shocked listening to Vanraj’s decision.  She asks him to forgive her one last time and refuses to sign the divorce papers. Vanraj gets furious when Kavya does not fulfill the divorce procedure.  Kavya starts blaming Anupamaa for destroying their relationship.

Anupamaa: Kavya reveals about Vanraj and Anupamaa's divorce date to his  family - Times of India

Further, GK and Anuj pray to god about Anu’s well-being.  They both are aware that her family is everything for her. GK tells Anuj to be with Anupamaa in every situation.  He is apprehensive that the members of the Shah house can drag Anu into any fight.

Nonetheless, Anuj assures that he will never leave Anupamaa alone. Anuj assures that very soon he will make everything alright. On the flip side, Dolly asks Anu to talk with Vanraj.  She feels Vanraj’s one decision will affect everyone in the family.

In the meantime, Kavya decides to change herself for Vanraj and tells him to not divorce her.  However, Vanraj is adamant and tells Kavya that their love story has to come to an end.  He asks Kavya to sign the divorce papers.

The show airs on Star Plus. It is also available on Disney+Hotstar.

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