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Arti Singh regrets not staying in touch with Sidharth Shukla after Bigg Boss 13

Actor Sidharth Shukla‘s family, friends, and fans are still grieving his untimely death. The actor breathed his last on September 2 after suffering a massive cardiac attack. Shaken up by Sid’s sudden demise, his Bigg Boss 13 co-housemate and friend Arti Singh regrets not staying in touch with him. The telly actress had her own reasons behind the same. Sidharth and Arti were not in touch for almost two years.

In a conversation with an entertainment portal, Arti said, “I wasn’t in touch with Sidharth for almost two years. The last time we spoke was on February 15, 2019. Hamaari baat hi nahi hui. I was quite affected by what was being said about my friendship with Sidharth. I was blamed for coming in between Sidharth and Shehnaaz and their friendship. That deeply affected me. After that, I decided to let them be. I didn’t want to come in between their friendship. I am not someone who would want to become a cause of stress in anyone’s life.”

Regretting over not staying in touch with Sidharth, the actress added, “I regret the fact that I didn’t stay in touch with him. Though I thought of calling him on a couple of occasions, I didn’t because I felt that he was happy aur maine socha ki usse apni zindagi jeene do. I was just happy to see him happy and wanted to let him be. But no one expected something like this to happen.”

“It’s unfortunate and devastating. My heart goes out to Shehnaaz. The incident has taught me to follow my heart. Saamne wale ka reaction mat socho, tum apne mann ka karo. Tum at least uski awaaz toh sunn loge aur mujhe ye sukoon rehta ki maine koshish ki,” she further stated.

Sidharth Shukla

Adding further, Arti opened up about how brutally she was trolled
being unfazed by Sidharth’s demise or posting pictures on social media. “I received calls after Sidharth passed away informing me that I was being trolled for posting a picture of mine in a sari. They questioned me on how I could move on so easily and so soon? I want to ask these people whether they even know my state of mind? I could not sleep for nights. Nobody knew what I was going through. What happened had shaken me up. I have realized that life is unpredictable and one should live in the moment,” she added.

For the unversed, Sidharth Shukla was 40 when he breathed his last. The actor is survived by his mother and two elder sisters.

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