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Bigg Boss 15: After Raqesh Bapat’s Exit, Afsana Khan Thrown Out of BB15 House?

Bigg Boss 15 continues to be in the limelight for various reasons.  Currently, wild card entrant Raqesh Bapat has been admitted to a hospital in Mumbai. The actor is under observation and is expected to return to the show after recovery.

BB15: Afsana Khan's Fiance, Saajz Defends Her For Her Unruly Behaviour In  The 'Bigg Boss' House

After Raqesh Bapat, Afsana Khan is also reportedly out of the Bigg Boss 15 house. Afsana has been in the news ever since the singer signed up for the show.  The singer suffered a panic attack before entering the show but decided to get into the show at the end moment.

Subsequently, Afsana attracted attention due to her fight with Shamita Shetty.  The singer was counseled by the host Salman Khan for age-shaming Shamita along with derogatory comments.   Their fight escalated to an extent that the singer was also seen questioning Shamita’s work and was seen cursing Vishal Kotian stating that she wants him to die this month.

Thereafter, Afsana changed her ways and was generally sociable in the house. However, in yesterday’s episode of the show, the singer suffered a panic attack.  Due to her mental state, she was immediately taken out of the house for medical reasons. 

Afsana Khan Threatens Self-harm in Bigg Boss 15

Allegedly, after losing in the VIP task, and getting backstabbed by her friends she was deeply hurt. She later got into a physical fight with Shamita Shetty. Post this fight, Afsana was seen losing her calm.  She accused Jay Bhanushali, Karan, and Umar that everyone has been targeting her.  Saying that she wants to die, Afsana picked up a knife and threatened other contestants to slit her neck and wrist.

Consequently, Bigg Boss decided to evict her from the show.  After Afsana calmed down, all the housemates were called into the living area.  Bigg Boss criticized Afsana for threatening self-harm and announced her eviction.

Bigg Boss 15: Afsana Khan's fiance Saajz says 'she has all the qualities of  a winner' | PINKVILLA

Earlier, Afsana’s fiance, Saajz (Sajan Sharma), came out in her defense. Saajz said, “Afsana is strong and has a clear heart. She is finding it difficult to adjust with others and is facing issues inside the house.  This is because she doesn’t understand politics. That is why there is a slight change in her personality.  Other housemates being mature, they should know how to handle a sensitive person.

Furthermore, Saajz said,  “I agree that she may have said a few things, which were not right.  Although Afsana was aggressive, she stood for herself. Of course, Afsana needs to exercise control over her behavior, but she is feeling cornered.”

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