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Bigg Boss 15: Ieshaan Sehgaal Talks To Miesha Iyer About His Ex-Girlfriend


In the house of Bigg Boss 15, the love story has been brewing between Miesha Iyer and Ishaan Sehgal. The duo met for the first time in BB15 and are still facing some trust issues. After Ieshaan proposed to her, the two are trying to understand each other.  They both are opening up about their misgiving and insecurities.

Bigg Boss 15 Miesha Iyer asks Ieshaan Sehgaal he is bisexual latter opens up  about ex-girlfriend latest tv news | Tv News – India TV

Recently,  Miesha asked Ieshaan about what incident she would get to hear about him after she steps out of the Bigg Boss 15 house. Initially, Ieshaan was apprehensive about having a discussion on it.  But later on, he later pours his heart out to Miesha Iyer.

Firstly, Miesha asked, “You mentioned, playing around. So define ‘playing along’.”  Confirming to Miesha that he is not the wrong person, Ieshaan narrated about a person whom she might also know, who tried to threaten him.

In fact, Ieshaan clarifies, “He was threatening to ruin my reputation and also publish negative articles about me.  This was before I entered the house, so I had to play along to sustain. Everyone does that at some point of time. This is how it works. Aise logo k saath aise hi kaam nikalna padta hai. He was creating a problem.”

Bigg Boss 15: Ieshaan Sehgaal opens up about his ex-girlfriend after Miesha  Iyer asks if he is bisexual - Times of India

Additionally, Ieshaan said, “And that’s why I said, he might try to do the same once we come out. I don’t have any scenes but he creates a major scene. I don’t know if he is your friend or not. Do you think I am bi? He was playing around with me.”

Furthermore, speaking about his former girlfriend, he told Miesha, “There was a time I wouldn’t get time to meet my ex-girlfriend. This was due to the fact that every night she would go to a hotel. One night, things went out of hand and we had a huge fight after I called her. Then she threatened me saying, ‘I will see who gives you work’.

Apart from this, Ieshaan said, “there’s only one person from whom you might get to hear negative things about me.” While Miesha promises to get him out of this situation, she also wants assurance from Ieshaan.  “I will let go of this topic. But you have to promise me nothing like this will happen henceforth,” said Miesha.

Finally, Miesha has responded to Ieshaan’s proposal.  He had proposed to Meisha a few days ago. While sitting in the garden area of Bigg Boss 15 with him, Miesha declared, “Today is my first morning as a girlfriend.”

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