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Bigg Boss 15: Rakhi Sawant talks about the sacrifices she made for survival in the industry

Bigg Boss 15 continues to have controversies and drama and it gets escalated with Rakhi Sawant. In Thursday’s episode, Rakhi and Shamita found themselves in a huge quarrel.  The fight started as Rakhi was being considered biased whereas Devoleena Bhattacharjee was concerned.

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During a task for “Ticket to Finale”, most of the participants felt that Rakhi as the “Sanchalak” was not being fair.  While  Devoleena was pulled away by other participants,  Shamita dropped the egg.  But, Rakhi wanted to favor Devoleena hence refused to accept this fact.  This resulted in a massive verbal battle between Rakhi Sawant and Shamita Shetty. 

Subsequently, Rakhi and Shamita started a stare-down contest, each asking the other to back off. Shamita dramatically stated  ‘Rakhi Sawant’ mere upar mat chadh’ to which Rakhi replied that Shamita shouldn’t either. In the end, Shamita pushed her hard. Rakhi started screaming that she pushed her implants.

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Nonetheless, other contestants tried to separate Rakhi and Shamita to avoid a further showdown.  In order to pacify Rakhi, Tejasswi, and Devoleena were sitting together. Rakhi was explaining to Tejasswi about the consequences of someone touching her breast implants.  Consoling Rakhi, Tejasswi asked Rakhi why she got all this done and gave examples of Devoleena and herself who was happy even without getting any implants done.

Rakhi Sawant reveals that she made a lot of sacrifices for her survival in the Industry

Responding to the above, Rakhi then expressed that she had a lot of problems in her life.  Although she has been a part of numerous seasons of Bigg Boss and is a known personality in the Indian entertainment industry, there were sacrifices she had to make in order to survive in the industry.

Getting emotional, Rakhi revealed that only she understood her pain. She then told Tejasswi that no one tortures their own body. Tejasswi replied that she was joking and told Rakhi that she was right. The scene ended with Rakhi getting teary-eyed and Tejasswi apologising to her.

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