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Bigg Boss 15: Afsana Khan nominates Vishal Kotian

The Weekend Ka Vaar episode of Bigg Boss 15 on Sunday had a large dose of entertainment and drama. The episode had all the masala elements.  While contestants got into heated arguments, host Salman Khan Right pointed out the misbehaviour of the housemates.  There were many performances by the noted singers, including “Manike Mage” from internet sensation Yuhani.

Bigg Boss 15: In today's episode, Navratri will be celebrated, some special  guests will be involved, see PICS - Connexionblog

During a fun task with the host, singer Afsana Khan got into an argument with Shamita Shetty and Vishal Kotian.

As part of the game, Shamita was asked to name a contestant who can cheat for the game.  Shamita took Afsana’s name and asked her not to take it personally or cry. Upon hearing this, Afsana flared up and mocked Shamita for not speaking in Hindi. The singer shouted that despite being born and brought up in Mumbai, Shamita speaks in English.

Bigg Boss 15 4 October Promo: bigg boss 15 4 oct 2021 promo afsana khan  vidhi pandya pratik sehajpal and jay bhanushali ugly fight- Bigg Boss 15-  बिग बॉस के एक फरमान

Additionally, Afsana said, “Shamita badi hogi apne ghar mein, mujhe roti nahi deti. Yahan koi kisi ka nahi hai.”

Later, the Punjabi singer got into an argument with Vishal Kotian.  Vishal also took Afsana’s name for one of the questions.  Afsana again got irritated and told him, “People like you come after me for taking autographs.” Hearing this, Vishal said he will not talk to her. Even Tejasswi Prakash expressed displeasure on Afsana’s statement.

On Monday, the junglewasi were asked by Bigg Boss to nominate contestants in pairs. Afsana was paired with Simba. The two had to mutually decide (aapsi sehamati se) one person that should be nominated. Afsana was hell-bent on nominating Vishal. She refused to even hear out Simba. In case the two did not come to the conclusion, they would have both been nominated. Left with no option, Simba decided to agree with Afsana and nominate Vishal.

Contestants that are nominated this week apart from Vishal include Afsana, Akasa Singh, Vidhi, Ishaan Sehgal and Donald Bisht.

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