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Bigg Boss OTT: Zeeshan Khan Breaks Silence on His Mid-week Eviction

Bigg Boss OTT keeps its viewers really absorbed.  Apart from the exciting tasks, it is the heated arguments between the contestants that amuses the audience.  Each day in the house of Bigg Boss has something unique for the viewers.

Meanwhile, contestant Zeeshan Khan was evicted from the show post his fight with Prateek. He was seen pushing other contestants while arguing over a given task.  Zeeshan’s mid-week elimination became the major topic of discussion among netizens.

Recently, Zeeshan Khan opened up about his mid-week elimination. According to Zeeshan, “I am already a winner. I won almost everyone’s hearts inside and outside. So, that’s the real trophy and I have picked it up. Had I been in the house, I would have won, because I aced every task. So, find a better competitor than me who is worthy of the trophy.”

Additionally, Zeeshan mentioned that “I did maintain my cool. I was still focused on the task. But my competitors were provoking me. Incidentally, who am I to say anything about that. Let the audience speak on that because they have a better view from the outside.”

Zeeshan Khan is definitely upset by his mid-week elimination.  Also, he was not given a chance to explain his side of the story. However, when asked if host Karan Johar had been unfair towards him. The contestant replied, “I think Karan Johar’s perspective would have been different, had he heard my side of the story. The show puts us all in a stressful environment. Who am I to decide what is fair or unfair? I entered the house as a mere contestant, I came out winning lots of hearts. So I think the viewers know everything and they can better decide.”

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