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Dance Deewane 3: Host Raghav Juyal reacts to being called ‘racist’

Actor, choreographer, and anchor Raghav Juyal frequently makes his social media appearance.  Raghav is also a no filter person. Raghav has been seen on the reality show Dance Deewane 3 which concluded in October this year.

Raghav Juyal accused of racism against Dance Deewane contestant from Assam

A Clip from Dance Deewane 3 goes viral

Recently, Raghav posted a video on his Instagram account.  The choreographer requested everybody not to troll him on the basis of a clip that went viral.  In the video clip, Raghav spoke Chinese mumbo jumbo.

Raghav is much appreciated for his on-the-spot comic timing. This aspect was very clear in the reality show Dance Deewane 3. However, Raghav was recently trolled for a clip wherein the host was talking in gibberish Chinese.  Raghav was talking to one of the contestants who was from the North East.

Consequently, many people misunderstood it as a mimic.  They called Raghav racist for his behavior.  The show’s host explained the whole situation and mentioned how talking in the gibberish language began.  Choreographer Raghav clarified that during a conversation, the contestant said that her talent is speaking gibberish Chinese.

Raghav Juyal Reacts To Trolls

Subsequently,  the contestant has always been asked to speak the language.  This was because it felt cute since a kid was doing it. Also, Raghav mentioned how calling him a racist would be unfair since he has always been against racism.

Additionally,  Raghav said, “I have strong family connections in North-Eastern cities.  Therefore,  I would never behave or take any action to make fun of them”.  Juyal also doesn’t follow any script and mostly does the job.  Since Raghav is a spontaneous person, whatever happened was not intended.

Watch: Raghav Juyal reveals what 'actually happened' in new video after  backlash over racism

Finally, Raghav said that people should know the whole scenario before judging and trolling someone. He said, “It is harmful to my mental health and my family.”

Ultimately, the misunderstandings are cleared by the reality show host.  Now people came out in support of Raghav and also commented that he shouldn’t justify his actions because they know that he is right.

In the meantime, Raghav has apologized to people in case his action has hurt people.  Furthermore, he has stated that it was absolutely unintentional. Now, things are crystal clear. Once again Raghav has managed to leave the people speechless.

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