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Raqesh Bapat: Bigg Boss OTT Taught Me To Be ‘Calm In The Chaos’

Raqesh Bapat achieved the fourth position in the controversial reality show Bigg Boss OTT. Raqesh is supposedly a reserved person.  He claimed to grow a fondness for Shamita Shetty, his co-contestant.  Although many feel that this was only meant for the reality show, Raqesh feels otherwise.

Recently, the actor talked about his bond with Shamita.  He said that “We are in touch and it’s nice. I told Shamita that let’s meet outside to get to know each other more. And yes, we do speak and what you all saw in the Bigg Boss OTT house is not something fake.”

Raqesh Bapat also shared why it appeared that Shamita tried to control him while inside the BB house. “I have always been a rebel since childhood. I used to do exactly the opposite of what my parents used to tell me. So, there is a way how a person should make me understand or speak to me.”

Additionally, Raqesh feels that Shamita has strong opinions. And this does not mean that she is dominating. The actress behaves this way because she cares for people who are close to her. “She voices her opinion and she is expressive. Whereas I am not expressive, I am quiet,” he said.

Meanwhile, Raqesh strongly feels that the show taught him a lot. There are some very important things he learned from the show. “I realized that there are two worlds. One is outside the Bigg Boss house and one inside it. There are issues inside the house which are not real in the outside world. The interpersonal issues, fights, friendships were issues inside the house. Bigg Boss taught me how to be calm in the chaos,” he said.

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