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Rashami Desai Calls Out The Biases In the Film Industry

Rashami Desai spoke about the differentiation done between Tv actors and film actors. The actress revealed the bias for Tv actors in the film industry. Conversations about how the lines are blurring between mediums and there are more demarcations for actors have been going on for a while.

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She says that the filmmakers want new faces but do not choose people from Tv. She dislikes the judgement and finds it insulting.

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The actress shared, “I feel as an actress when I get categorized for certain platforms and they say that yeh toh TV actress hai, toh bura lagta hai. I feel bad that people don’t want to conveniently see the good work that I have done and the good projects that I have been a part of and the good people I have worked with. They categorize me for their convenience and comfort,”

She further revealed, “They are open for new people but humein TV actors bolke humein kaam nahi dete hai. The influential people get better projects and better space. It is wrong. I don’t like it. It is humiliating and insulting. We are actors and as actors we can explore every medium, and should not be categorized.”

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