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The Married Woman Web Series by Alt Balaji

The Modern Woman Web series is based on Manju Kapur’s novel ‘A Married Woman’. The OTT is directed by by Sahir Raza.   The series is set in the backdrop of stressed state of national capital due to communal riots that took place in early 90s.  Various socio-economic issues prevalent at that time are highlighted in the show.  Controversial subjects like same-sex love, women trapped in marriages and other social and gender issues that are still considered taboo in our society are the highlights of the series.

The story is set in the 90s, it spins around Astha Kapoor (played by Ridhi Dogra), a dutiful wife and a doting mother, Most of the Indian Women who have grown up around that time will relate to the character of Astha Kapoor During those days, girls were generally advised by their parents and relatives to be the epitome of sacrifice.  Many times senior female members influenced younger generation to prioritize men folks of the family. Ladies were expected to keep their own ambitions and likings in the closet.

The writers (Jaya Misra, Aparna Nadir and Surbhi Saral) have done a great job in handling Astha’s emotions with much sensitivity. The dialogue in general and specially, “Love is beyond individuality and conditioning” are influential.

The narrative, however, is quite slow at certain places.  This element of the series is quite inadequate and viewers may find it a hard to stay connected with the plot. Also, certain aspects of the web series are unconvincing like Astha’s instant attraction to Eizaj and strong passionate feelings towards Peeplika seems to be unconvincing and unnatural.
Most of the characters have played their role well.  The leading ladies, Ridhi Dogra and Monica Dogra are exceptionally good.  The lyrics of the well written title track ‘Bematlab’ is very impressive as a background music

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