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Bigg Boss 15: Neha Bhasin On Not Keeping In Touch With Pratik Sehajpal After BB OTT

Bigg Boss 15 though not very high on TRP, has been attracting a lot of controversies. Contestants Neha Bhasin and Pratik Sehajpal bonded very well on Bigg Boss OTT.  However, they are often seen having arguments and differences of opinion on Bigg Boss 15. In the latest episode of Salman Khan’s reality show, we saw a massive fight break out between Neha and Pratik. Both are not on talking terms anymore.

Bigg Boss OTT: Pratik Sehajpal to Neha Bhasin - You don't have love for me,  you just have lust - Times of India

During a chat with housemates,  Neha revealed that after BB OTT she didn’t keep in touch with Pratik.  The singer feels that their temperaments don’t match with each other. Neha was seen having a conversation with Umar Riaz and Vishal Kotian.  The trio was discussing her recent fight with Sehajpal. Vishal told the singer that she and Pratik are like Tom and Jerry. But, Neha denied it and made several hand gestures.  Neha repeatedly says that she is done with Pratik Sehajpal.

Umar then added, “Pratik was happy when you entered.  But, when you asked him to stay away, I felt something is wrong.” While explaining to him, Neha Bhasin said, “I respond to kindness but it doesn’t mean I am always game.”

Bigg Boss 15's Pratik Sehajpal on trolls attacking Neha Bhasin: I was also  involved in the friendship, why only her? - Times of India

Meanwhile, Umar asks Neha Bhasin what made her decide not to talk to Pratik, Neha responds, “I stopped talking to him from outside. It is not that there is no friendship or love. But our temperament doesn’t match. Furthermore, Neha added that Pratik doesn’t know how to talk. He will get angry a lot and then apologize a lot. And this is happening every time.” 

Later on, Umar Riaz pointed out that Neha is still very comfortable with him despite having issues with Pratik. The singer mentioned that she is comfortable with all but she does not like shouting.

Additionally, Neha said she had told Pratik Sehajpal many times not to speak to her in a rude manner. But that’s his pattern. Incidentally, after their huge fight, Pratik had come to apologize to Neha. But once again Neha told the actor to stay away from her. 

Meanwhile, the latest buzz is that Ex-Bigg Boss contestants Pavitra Punia and Paras Chhabra will reportedly enter the BB15 house as challengers

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